A Note from the PTA President:

Special thanks to everyone who attended the September 2019 meeting!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the parents, teachers, and administrators that came out to our first PTA meeting! We were excited to see previous Groveton parents as well as so many new faces. 
During our meeting we were fortunate to have Ms. Bowers present information about the importance of attendance and Ms. Mulder presented us with many of our great online resources. My favorite part of her presentation was realizing that I can direct my children to Encyclopedia Britannica online! As a parent it can be a challenge navigating resources online and making sure they are credited and providing accurate information. Gone are the days of our twenty volume sets of the nineties!
Check out this link to our online databases and eBooks. This page gives you access to resources that are separated by both subject and age. 

This is the link you will want to bookmark in regards to attendance!  This page will give you guidance as to when to send your kids to school and when to keep them home. I know that as a mother I have doubted myself many times and have run over to google to see what the guidelines are! 

October is National Bullying Prevention Month
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting where we will be hosting a representative from FCPS that will cover the topic of bullying. Our intention is to bring you a meeting that will help prevent negative outcomes by opening a dialogue amongst professionals in the field as well as other parents. 
Groveton Spiritwear Website Is Ready For Orders! 
Did you know our spiritwear site is up and ready for orders? I was so excited to be the first customer and order shirts for my family. The process was really easy, and all members of my family were able to customize and personalize their shirts. There are even glitter options if you are into that! We have a great free shipping deal running from Oct 11th- Oct 28. Be sure to order soon to get your shirts in time for the Fall Festival. Can't wait to see what stylish creations you come up with! 
Spiritwear Site
Have you downloaded the new app yet? No more clipping tiny box tops, now you just scan your receipt. Keep in mind that there is still a grace period where the actual cut out box tops will be accepted as long as they have a date on the box top. You can continue to send it to school with your tiger! This transitional year is a great opportunity for us to receive the 10¢ from the cut out as well as from the scanned receipt. Feel free to reach out with any questions! 
Groveton PTA