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Good Friday Afternoon Groveton Families,

The amazing Groveton staff have been working night and day to prepare for Distance Learning starting on Tuesday, April 14th. Our distance learning plan will be a combination of synchronous (live/real time) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) learning activities for students.  Each week students will have daily opportunities to interact with their teacher during live lessons. Staff will also be hosting daily office hours where they will be communicating with students or possibly be providing small group instruction based on the needs of each class. This instruction alongside the learning packets that will be sent from FCPS each week will make up the bulk of the instruction for the remainder of the school year.   

We ask for your continued patience and grace as our teachers navigate these unchartered waters.  Over the course of the first week, teachers will be trying out a lot of different options to meet the needs of our diverse learners.  Some teachers may upload more pre-recorded videos and assigned learning opportunities, some may do more live virtual lessons that will be uploaded for those who need to assist your student at a later time in your day, and others might use the FCPS provided learning packets to scaffold lessons and foster independent tasks.

Our staff is also working to maintain the health and well-being of their families and loved ones being at home.  Teachers are working in teams to provide as much normalcy, continuity of the lessons and content, and community connections as possible.

Below is the instructional schedule and office hours that each grade level will be providing Monday-Thursday.  Friday will be more parent/caregiver directed as teachers will be using this time for planning and meeting as teams.  Teachers will continue to communicate with families via email or by telephone to provide more details for their weekly lessons, areas of instruction and accessing virtual live instruction. As you will notice, direct instruction is spread out through the morning so that devices may be shared among siblings. Office hours are spread out throughout the afternoon so that students at different grade levels have opportunities to interact with teachers and specialists. A schedule for specials including band and strings is also attached to this letter. Students should also work daily on the packet they will receive each week in the mail directly from Fairfax County Public Schools. Some of our Advanced Math classes may not be able to follow the same schedule as their grade level as these teachers will be teaching a different curriculum. In cases such as this, the teacher will communicate schedule changes through email. Again, we thank you for your patience and continued supportive partnership.

Virtual Teaching Schedule

Monday – Thursday

Online Virtual Instruction – 60 minutes - includes...
- Whole Class Morning Mtg.
- Math and Language Arts

Virtual Office Hours – 60 minutes - includes...
- Scheduled small groups/ student support
- Email/phone calls

Kindergarten: Instruction 8-9am (Office Hours 12-1pm)
1st Grade: Instruction 9–10am (Office Hours 12-1pm)
2nd Grade: Instruction 9-10am (Office Hours 12–1pm)
3rd Grade: Instruction 10-11am (Office Hours 1-2pm)
4th Grade: Instruction 10-11am (Office Hours 1-2pm)
5th Grade: Instruction 11am-12pm (Office Hours 2-3pm)
6th Grade: Instruction 11am – 12pm (Office Hours 2-3pm)

*Paper Learning Packets:  

Monday – Friday as scheduled by parents/caregivers

Distance Learning Specials

Blackboard Course:

Art, Music, PE, Strings, Band, Library, STEAM and CALM

Available to ALL Groveton Tigers starting Monday, April 14

In this course you will find LIVE SESSION classroom links and daily schedules, contact information for specials teachers, websites and resources, activities for Art, Music, PE, Strings, Band, Library, STEAM and CALM. 

Please note: Live Sessions are by subject, not by teacher.  All Live Sessions will be recorded and posted in Specials folders in case you miss one.  Check under "Announcements" for the Daily Schedule.

K-2 Specials Schedule
Live Sessions: 1-1:30pm (Monday through Thursday)
Specials Office Hours:
12-1pm (Monday through Thursday)

PreK and Kindergarten: LIVE SESSIONS 1-1:30pm
Monday – Music
Tuesday – PE
Wednesday – Art
Thursday - STEAM (A Week*) or CALM (B Week*)
1st Grade: LIVE SESSIONS 1-1:30pm
Monday – PE
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday - STEAM (A Week*) or CALM (B Week*)
Thursday - Art
2nd Grade: LIVE SESSIONS 1-1:30pm
Monday - Art
Tuesday - STEAM (A Week*)/CALM (B Week*)
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - PE
Grades 3-6 Specials Schedule
Live Sessions: 12:30-1pm (Monday - Thursday)
Specials Office Hours: 1-1:30pm (Monday – Thursday)
3rd Grade: 12:30-1pm
Monday - Music
Tuesday - CALM (A Week*) or STEAM (B Week*)
Wednesday - PE
Thursday - Art
4th Grade: 12:30-1pm
Monday - CALM (A Week*) or STEAM (B Week*)
Tuesday** - Music
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - PE
*** 4th Grade Strings go to Strings Class every Tuesday
5th Grade: 12:30-1pm
Thursday - CALM (A Week*) or STEAM (B Week*)
**If your student is enrolled in Band or Strings see schedule below for Band and Strings classes.

6th Grade:
Monday- Art
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday- CALM (A Week*) or STEAM (B Week*)

**If your student is enrolled in Band or Strings see schedule below for Band and Strings classes...

**BAND and STRINGS Live Sessions:

5th and 6th Grade Advanced Strings
6th Grade Beginning Band

4th Grade Strings
6th Grade Advanced Band

5th & 6th Grade Beginning Strings
5th Grade Beginning Band for Mr. Colley and Ms. Turner’s homeroom students and Mr. Crane’s woodwinds

5th Grade Intermediate Strings
5th Grade Beginning Band for Ms. Frakes, Ms. Lugo’s homeroom students and Mr. Crane’s brass

ALL Tigers are welcome to join these Specials at your leisure during the 1-1:30pm time slot:

Monday - STEAM (A week) or CALM (B week)
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - PE
Thursday - Music
*A/B Week Schedule for all STEAM/CALM Live Focus Lessons:

Week of April 13

Week of April 20

Week of April 27

Week of May 4

Week of May 11

Week of May 18

Week of May 25

Week of June 1

Week of June 8

Links to important information:

Dr. Brabrand's most recent message regarding FCPS Distance Learning Plan

FCPS Distance Learning Plan

Distance Learning Plan for Students with Disabilities  

​​​​​​​Link on how to access Blackboard FCPS 24/7 for your child’s distance learning:

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Jim Swoger
Groveton ES